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We at Neighbourhood Fire and Safety provide a wide variety of services that will make it possible for your small business to meet city regulations and also foster a feeling of security with your clientele. Let us help secure your business through the implementation of our thorough Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans.

Fire Safety Plans

Whether you own, build or manage one building or many, you are responsible for the safety of the people who live or work there. Fire protection begins with good planning. A properly developed fire safety plan protects building occupants, reduces damage and prevents emergencies. It helps building occupants gain confidence and familiarity with emergency procedures.

Our Fire Safety Plans Include:

  • A comprehensive fire safety building audit
  • Documentation of building resources and human resources
  • Fire department and firefighting information
  • Specific emergency procedures for occupants
  • Fire drill procedures and records
  • Methods for controlling fire hazards in the building
  • Maintenance schedule for the building's fire protection equipment
  • Alternative safety measures for occupants Building schematic floor

Neighbourhood is pleased to offer Fire Safety and Evacuation plans to comply with the City of Nanaimo Fire inspection bylaw 7108 and will work with the Nanaimo Fire Department on your behalf to meet compliance. Our products and services include Fire Safety and Fire Evacuation plans, Pre Incident plans, wall plaques with evacuation and Fire Equipment locations and Emergency Procedures. We also supply and install ULC Fire Monitoring and Intrusion Alarm Systems.

Every fire safety plan we create meets the requirements of the B.C. provincial and municipal bylaws. That means you can trust our safety plans to be consistent and accurate. Our fire safety plan consultants also ensure your fire safety plan conforms to applicable fire codes and bylaws. We will work closely with your local fire department to meet specific requirements and obtain their approval needed to develop a plan. To streamline your project, and save you time, we also provide other occupancy requirements, such as: Producing and installing evacuation, emergency, code and suite signage Conducting fire safety training Providing and installing fire extinguishers and Monitoring fire panels.

Contact us today to schedule a Fire Safety Plan consultation.

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We do Fire Safety Plans for a wide variety of buildings

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Recreational
  • Care Facilities
  • Low and High-Rise Developments
  • Building Complexes

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